Saturday, February 26, 2011

Transforming Trash Into Treasure

One of the inspirations I had when I began making jewelry was implementing recycled components of some sort.  It all began with recycling images from magazines I had found at the library, or obtained along the way.  Now I reuse old pieces of jewelry or take over someone else's bulk, as well.  Although not all of my jewelry is completely recycled, I try to implement about 40-60%.  I've begun to accomplish this feat recently when I bought a large lot of destash jewelry from fellow Etsian, Destash Pearl.

"Destash jewelry in pinks and purple." Item

Becoming more eco-friendly is important to me in order to help reduce the amount of waste on our planet.  I am one of those people who believe that our actions of excessive carbon production and waste are helping to accelerate the temperature of the planet.  

From my recent travels across country to visit my family in Wisconsin, I saw my very own two eyes, and my boyfriend will vouch for me, what over-farming has done to rivers and creeks throughout Kansas and much into the south eastern side of Colorado.  There also was hardly a bit of snow until higher in the mountains of Colorado.  All throughout Iowa you could see for miles the newest technology, wind power.  It was like living in a Pink Floyd video with their monstrosity lurking above our vehicles.  

"Six covered buttons with vintage embroidered linens." Item

For those who are interested in making art that is recycled or upcycled, check out the links I have included in this blog.  Also, use keyword "destash" in the etsy search to find more stores with supplies.

"Three hand-dyed vintage appliques in dark periwinkle blue." Item

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