Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Commencing Day 1

I decided that since my classes are over for the semester I would make more effort at blogging.  There are many days after I have completed my courses when I feel like I am not accomplishing enough.  So this is my solution.  Blog for at least the rest of the summer until the fall semester starts.  If I get into a rhythm, I'll continue on through for the rest of the year.

Jen and I have been working on a lot of ideas in the past couple of weeks.  I was able to get into her store and take more photos of items she has made herself.  These items can be found on my Etsy shop site.

Jen is a big fan of reusing things to create something new.  We're really great at bouncing ideas off of each other and we work well together.  By the end of the month we have a number of things planned that I will write about in later blog posts.  

For now, we struggle as everyone in these hard economic times, doing all that we can to keep sane and happy.  And at the end of the day we know we can smile, because of the beauty we are surrounded with, and the fact that we at least still have a roof over our heads.  Things are looking brighter as summer nears.  In the meantime, we still have snow in the middle of May.  Oy!

At the home front, Leikos and I have decided to start making our own cat food.  We have two dogs and two cats; Jackson is a lab mix; Tiki is a Yorkshire Terrier; Blues is a Tonkinese-like cat; Cinema is an Earth Day giveaway kitten.  Fishing is one of our most favorite past-times, and we thought we could make our furry friends wonderful meals of fish and rice puree with our catches that we may not eat.  Our oldest cat, Blues, is not such a fan, but our youngest can't get enough of it.  I consider it one less trip to the grocery store.  And it's healthier for our animals.  Yes, we do give the dogs a little every now and then.  

Blues on the left and Cinema on the right. 

Thanks everyone!


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