Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Funky Trunk Promo Work

Jen Slind and I have been collaborating lately, as I mentioned in a recent post.  I've decided to some promo work for her because the internet is my generation.  =D  Plus I have more time.  She does some amazing recycled and upcycled work that I just LOVE!  Jen hand paints vintage upcycled suitcases that I loved the moment I saw them.  I wrote an earlier blog post about the particular one I purchased.  In the future I will be writing more about other items she has for sale.  Check back for more amazing handmade crafts!

Medium sized vintage hand painted suitcase. Different image on the other side.

Suitcase 2 hand-painted by Jen Slind. 

Other side of suitcase 2 hand-painted by Jen Slind.

Dimensions are between 2 and 3 feet in length.  I will be updating on my etsy site the exact dimensions and prices for sale tomorrow.  Let me know if interested.  I will have the correct photos with the right suitcases, as well.  For now, here is an idea of what she makes.  Jen will also make custom designs.  The suitcases are still functioning for travel, a decoration in the bathroom for your towels, or a lovely bed for your pet if you add a pillow.  The ideas could be endless!

Thanks so much!


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