Monday, January 12, 2015

Jewelry Store Update & Seasonal Transitions

     I started pulling out my jewelry supplies again around Christmas time, and this was about as far as I got. There is one tiny bracelet in limbo, but I am working on finding my corner of the house, or until we move to get my inspiration back. I've been focusing on my fashion blog, and it's basically all I think about right now. In the next month or two I will be moving, so there is hope we will get rid of a bunch of stuff, or find a larger home to hold everything. 

     In the meantime, I want to discuss what to expect on my Etsy shop in the next few months. I like to come up with a new store banner every season, or for holidays and sales. There are many websites that offer free banner templates. Just type "free banner templates" into Google, and you should be directed to an array of options. You can edit these templates in Paint or Gimp, or some other photo editor. 

     I'm also going to start thinking of having a sale in the next few weeks. The next few months after Christmas can be very slow for some shops, so it's a good idea to think of having some sort of promotion. I might take this time to try and clear out inventory so that I can start thinking of fresh new jewelry ideas. I use Etsy on Sale to host a sale, because it looks professional, and it's super easy. 

     I'll keep in touch with my plans, and start posting more advice and such. 

     Bless you!