Friday, May 20, 2011

Vintage Inspired Betty Boop Steampunk Necklace: Day 4

Hi dearies!

Because I am so proud of it and it is my first attempt at steampunk design, I wanted to share my vintage inspired Betty Boop steampunk necklace with you. It took several weeks for this project to transpire, but I am finally satisfied with it. Betty Boop is an upcycled piece actually used as an ornament, and the chain is handmade with upcycled beads and vintage clock parts.

Vintage Inspired Betty Boop Steampunk Necklace

Betty Boop is about 4" in length. The necklace has a length of about 17" and there is about 3" of adjustment for comfortability.

This project was a lot of fun for me because I had to hunt out a clock in order to find these wonderful gears. I participated in the Community Rummage Sale here in Pagosa Springs, CO and found a wonderful mini mantle clock that looked quite old for $3. I'm horrible at bargaining, so that's what I paid for it and my friend, Mike, who has a love of taking clocks apart, worked diligently as I watched him pull away beautiful part after beautiful part. 

What do you think of my Betty Boop necklace?

Thanks everyone!


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