Thursday, May 26, 2011

Etsy Business Help: Day 9

Hi dearies!

I was having some technical difficulties this past 24 hours, but I just figured it out. Oy! Anyways, I've been making a lot of updates on my Etsy site, AnotherUse. I was waiting on some supplies that finally arrived, so I've been able to put together about 10 more pieces. Head on over to check it out! I have a 40% off sale going on now with coupon code AUSAVE40. Use it at checkout.

Eco Friendly Sparkly Ring

In this blog post, I wanted to share a number of useful websites that have been of great use and help to me. I am a huge fan of Everythingetsy and Handmadeology. They have awesome advice and links to many other awesome blogs. A very important tip that I firmly believe in is leaving comments on other blogs. This has definitely helped to bring viewers to my blogs, and I am learning so much by looking around at other blogs.  

Vintage inspired mermaid ring

If you join Everythingetsy, I highly recommend checking out Etsypreneur. At Etsypreneur, you can add your shop or website to the Everythingetsy Directory. I've only recently started learning how to utilize these sites, but they are a great way to get your name out there. 

Vintage Inspired Flamingo Ring

Etsysaver and Heartsy are wonderful places to advertise if you are having a sale or want to host a sale. Heartsy offers items up to 60% off in featured shops. You can vote on stores you would like to save money at, as well. There are many stores working on being featured, so it may take some time before getting a sale offer. Etsysaver also offers coupons and shop owners to post their coupons. Click on the About section to learn more about this cool site.

Thanks everyone!


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