Sunday, February 27, 2011

Transforming Trash Into Treasure: Part Two

Spring inspired colors.

Since I seem to be on a streak of creativity lately, I happened to look through all of the goodies my granny had sent with me, and found a new inspiration.  In the little red shopping basket that she had loaded full, were oodles of tiny sunburst beads, also known as paddlewheel beads.

My granny used to make beautiful, sparkly ornaments and such out of these beads, but I was looking for a way to reinvent these gorgeous fancies.  So far, all I have come up with are these cute, dangly earrings.  I am in the process of two different designs, as well as necklace pendants in the future.

These are so pretty and sparkly!

These beads are so fun because I can incorporate them into every holiday and season.  The above pictured are, of course, my spring idea.  Next, are more funky and holiday inspired colors.

Funky color combinations.

St. Patty's Day inspired colors.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it.  I'd hate to just let the gorgeous beads go to waste.  I'm determined to create something new and inspiring that women and teens will love.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Transforming Trash Into Treasure

One of the inspirations I had when I began making jewelry was implementing recycled components of some sort.  It all began with recycling images from magazines I had found at the library, or obtained along the way.  Now I reuse old pieces of jewelry or take over someone else's bulk, as well.  Although not all of my jewelry is completely recycled, I try to implement about 40-60%.  I've begun to accomplish this feat recently when I bought a large lot of destash jewelry from fellow Etsian, Destash Pearl.

"Destash jewelry in pinks and purple." Item

Becoming more eco-friendly is important to me in order to help reduce the amount of waste on our planet.  I am one of those people who believe that our actions of excessive carbon production and waste are helping to accelerate the temperature of the planet.  

From my recent travels across country to visit my family in Wisconsin, I saw my very own two eyes, and my boyfriend will vouch for me, what over-farming has done to rivers and creeks throughout Kansas and much into the south eastern side of Colorado.  There also was hardly a bit of snow until higher in the mountains of Colorado.  All throughout Iowa you could see for miles the newest technology, wind power.  It was like living in a Pink Floyd video with their monstrosity lurking above our vehicles.  

"Six covered buttons with vintage embroidered linens." Item

For those who are interested in making art that is recycled or upcycled, check out the links I have included in this blog.  Also, use keyword "destash" in the etsy search to find more stores with supplies.

"Three hand-dyed vintage appliques in dark periwinkle blue." Item

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back From Vacation in Wisconsin!

After a long anticipated adventure back to visit my family in Wisconsin, I am so relieved to have finally spent quality time with them.  It has been 13 months, and I was growing more and more homesick every day.  This was the first time my boyfriend would be meeting any of them, so it was important that I introduced him to as much family as I could.  I left after 12 days with a sense of satisfaction that I would greatly miss them all, but could not wait to get back to the San Juan mountains.  I am back, and I must say, I love it here more than words can express.

Classy Marilyn necklace in Marilyn Collection. Thank you granny for the beautiful beads! Etsy Item

While back in Wisconsin, I visited with my maternal grandmother and showed her the jewelry I have been designing for the past year.  She was the wonderful grandmother I have always known her to be, and gave me some jewelry and supplies she no longer needed.  Her contribution has more than paid off.  Not more than a few days after arriving home in Colorado, my creativity took off, and I created more pieces I am very proud.

Since I moved to Colorado, in the first place, with all that would fit into my Honda, I had the privilege to go through my belongings and find more Marilyn photos I had acquired several years ago.  We stuffed my boyfriend's truck full, and I am pleased with all that I was able to bring along with me on my adventures.

Sunny Marilyn necklace. More beads and charms from my granny. Etsy Item

I also purchased from several Etsians before leaving on my vacation, so when I arrived home, there were many packages to open.  One Etsian in particular was more than sweet, and in the mistake of an order I had placed, sent me a wonderful package that made me so happy, it was like my birthday.  It was too kind of this Etsian to send me such great things.  I will soon be creating a blog post about her shop and such.

Made from destash materials and items that were waiting for me when I arrived home. Etsy Item

Spring is slowly drawing near, and I must say that I am very anxious to start spending more time outdoors.  Recently I stopped down at The Funky Trunk here in town and dropped off a dozen items.  Jen was positive by stating that spring break is coming up and sales may go well.  I am staying positive, too.  Someone suggested that I should start making more necklaces, which I've been inspired to create lately.  Enjoy!
AnotherUse Shop

More upcycled materials used in this Cupid Marilyn necklace. Etsy Item
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


As I'm sure many who follow my Facebook have noticed, I have been posting a lot of links to BNRs.  What exactly is a BNR, you ask?  Well, basically the rules are listed differently on each BNR right beneath the 16 photos of what is up for sale.

What you do is look through all of the photos listed and decide if there are any you want to purchase.  If not, you can click on each photo and look deeper into their store by clicking the links on the right side of the screen.  When you find an item that you want to purchase, go back to the BNR, and make sure you follow the rules.  Once you have purchased the item, your item will go up for sale in replace of the one you just bought.  If you have an Etsy store with items you want to sell, this is a fun and sometimes quick way to make a sale.  I highly recommend checking them out if you sell on Etsy, or plan to.  If not, shopping is always welcome.  Come and play!

Lilpennies BNR