Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back From Vacation in Wisconsin!

After a long anticipated adventure back to visit my family in Wisconsin, I am so relieved to have finally spent quality time with them.  It has been 13 months, and I was growing more and more homesick every day.  This was the first time my boyfriend would be meeting any of them, so it was important that I introduced him to as much family as I could.  I left after 12 days with a sense of satisfaction that I would greatly miss them all, but could not wait to get back to the San Juan mountains.  I am back, and I must say, I love it here more than words can express.

Classy Marilyn necklace in Marilyn Collection. Thank you granny for the beautiful beads! Etsy Item

While back in Wisconsin, I visited with my maternal grandmother and showed her the jewelry I have been designing for the past year.  She was the wonderful grandmother I have always known her to be, and gave me some jewelry and supplies she no longer needed.  Her contribution has more than paid off.  Not more than a few days after arriving home in Colorado, my creativity took off, and I created more pieces I am very proud.

Since I moved to Colorado, in the first place, with all that would fit into my Honda, I had the privilege to go through my belongings and find more Marilyn photos I had acquired several years ago.  We stuffed my boyfriend's truck full, and I am pleased with all that I was able to bring along with me on my adventures.

Sunny Marilyn necklace. More beads and charms from my granny. Etsy Item

I also purchased from several Etsians before leaving on my vacation, so when I arrived home, there were many packages to open.  One Etsian in particular was more than sweet, and in the mistake of an order I had placed, sent me a wonderful package that made me so happy, it was like my birthday.  It was too kind of this Etsian to send me such great things.  I will soon be creating a blog post about her shop and such.

Made from destash materials and items that were waiting for me when I arrived home. Etsy Item

Spring is slowly drawing near, and I must say that I am very anxious to start spending more time outdoors.  Recently I stopped down at The Funky Trunk here in town and dropped off a dozen items.  Jen was positive by stating that spring break is coming up and sales may go well.  I am staying positive, too.  Someone suggested that I should start making more necklaces, which I've been inspired to create lately.  Enjoy!
AnotherUse Shop

More upcycled materials used in this Cupid Marilyn necklace. Etsy Item
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