Sunday, July 6, 2014

Getting Ready for Christmas in July

Mushroom Pendant Necklace

OK, so Christmas in July is literally four or five days away, and I haven't even begun to get started. I have a good amount of items in my shop, so my best suggestion for all of the last minute people out there is to put your items on sale. This will allow your shop to gain some competitive edge. 

I really like the look of Etsy On Sale when cutting prices. It slashes the original price for you on the item widget, so shoppers will know the original price, and the new price. I also like to have the word "sale" on the item widget title. This way if anyone were searching for Etsy items on sale, your store will be located somewhere in their search. 

At first I was hesitant to use Etsy On Sale because you have to pay in order to use it. But since it's a business expense and looks professional, I don't mind the cost. And if you purchase the $25 credit bundle, which is the best price, your credits will go a longer way. I always sell something when I use the Etsy On Sale sales event option. There is always at least one shopper who likes the price. 

There are also other features you may use through Etsy On Sale, such as a "tag tool," which allows you to edit multiple item tags at once. It is so fast and convenient. I cannot believe that in the past I would go through each item one by one in order to update tags. It was so time-consuming!

You may also use an "auto-renewal" tool. For five credits, you are able to renew your items as many times as you want in a month. Some people find their items sell more frequently when they renew their items a certain amount of times in a month. I am not sure if this is the case anymore, but it used to be that if you renewed your items, it would put them towards the top of search pages. I believe Etsy changed this, though, and now it should sort by relevancy. 

Etsy On Sale also allows you to set sales events so that they will begin automatically at a time of day of your choice on any date you choose for a maximum of 4 weeks. Let's say you are forgetful like me or have a million things on your mind and you forget a certain holiday is coming up. You can set a sales event ahead of time and your items will go on sale just in time for the holiday shopping rush. Next thing you know, you check your email and boom, you have a message indicating you sold an item. Wahoo!

I hope this was helpful to everyone. Please leave your questions and thoughts. Also, check out my store at

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