Friday, January 28, 2011

The Funky Trunk

So to give a quick overview for those who don't know, I live in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  Pagosa means healing waters.  Right downtown there are several options for where to go in order to feel the soothing soak this water has to offer.  

It draws many tourists, but overall is a small town.  There are many wealthy people who own homes here and there with or without companies, but this time of year can really drag for small business and employees.  

Trunk I bought from The Funky Trunk in Pagosa Springs, CO.
Today I wanted to talk about a wonderful boutique called, The Funky Trunk, in uptown Pagosa Springs.  For those who don't know Pagosa, there is a downtown and uptown.  In between, there is Putt Hill.  I promise you will understand why when driving a 1989 Honda Accord up that sucker.  It's embarrassing!  Lol!

Other side of the trunk I bought. 

Anyway, The Funky Trunk is located uptown at 100 Country Center Drive, Unit DPagosa SpringsCO81147.

Inside of the trunk.

It's run by artist, Jen Slind, who is a wonderful person.  Many local artists sell on consignment with her, including myself, as well as those selling clothing, shoes, bags, or books.  

Every time I stop in, I find something I can't or don't want to pass up.  

If anyone is interested in checking out her facebook, go to The Funky Trunk Facebook

Please bear with me when I post websites.  I just figured out how to hyperlink.

Here are a few links to items that she sells in her shop.  If interested, she will also mail items. 

Jen Slind's Trunks:  I own one of these trunks and it is so adorable.  They are refurbished trunks.  Check them out! Great for storing or just a display.

Jen's Fused Glass:  Jen makes fused glass jewelry that are a lot of fun.  Take a look at these flower rings.

Local Artisan SanJuanJewelryCo:  A local seller with a funky edge.

Thanks Jen for your support!


  1. Adorable trunks! I need one of those for traveling :)
    BTW, I found you via CEFP on etsy's forums:)

  2. That's great! Thanks a bunch for commenting! Her trunks are very affordable.

  3. How cool! This is too neat!